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Can Your Web Site be Found?
Use the Best Possible Domain Name and Email Address
Start by using the best possible domain name for your web site, one that is short, easy to remember and easy to spell. Also use your domain name for your email (eg rather than the email address your ISP provides you with (eg, this is simply more professional and promotes your domain name rather than your ISP's.

Is Your Web Site Search Engine Friendly?
Search engine optimization is vital to achieving successful search results. Be sure your site contains specific phrases relevant to your business, appropriate code conventions are followed and that your site has been submitted properly to search engines. It is very important to stay on top of this as it is not a one time proceedure and should be monitored and updated as trends change.

Are You Marketing Your Web Site in Your Traditional Advertising?
It may seem obvious, but a great way to market your website is to utilize the traditional advertising you may already be doing, increasing public awareness of your site and the ability to find it:

  • Make sure your web address is printed on all of your stationery:
    • business cards
    • letterheads
    • envelopes
    • invoices
  • Plus include it in all of your marketing and advertising:
    • brochures
    • yellow pages
    • newspaper
    • magazine
    • tv advertisements
    • signage
    • pens
    • calendars
    • clothing
  • Include your web address on your answer system or voice-mail message. Customers may be able to find the information they are phoning about on your web site
  • If you have a shop or sell products, display your web address on labels, carry bags and packaging
  • Turn your vehicle into an advertisement for your business and put tasteful magnets on the doors, or a sticker that displays your web address on the back windshield or bumper.

First Impressions
Professional Design
Once your visitors have found your website, it is important that it reflects your professionalism and credibility. Presentation is important and a professionally designed site will give visitors confidence in you, anything less will reflect badly on your image and leave doubt in customers minds whether they should trust your product or service. A we site that looks amateurish may do more harm than good.

Quick and Easy to Use
Chances are people are visiting your website to find information - not for entertainment. They want to find what they are looking for quickly and don't want to have to download programs, plug-ins or widgets to enable them to view your site. Each page within your site should include a user-friendly navigation menu and follow a consistent format.

Content Is King
Provide Up-to-Date Information and Make it Easy to Find
Take a step back and put yourself in your customers shoes. Think about the content of your website from their perspective. What information do they want? How can you make their visit to your website worth their while? Your site should provide the up-to-date information your visitors are looking for and it should be easy to find. Listen to feedback from your customers and revise your site's content according to what they want.

Always include contact methods. At the very least include an email address, but preferably provide a phone number and address - especially if you are selling products online as many visitors won't purchase from you if you don't provide complete contact details.

If your site sells products it should utilize a secure server and you should clearly display your terms, conditions, guarantee (if you have one), and delivery information if relevant. Don't make it a mystery for your visitor or they won't feel comfortable buying from you.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or Help page is often helpful and can save you time answering the same inquiries time and time again.

More Information
For more information or if you would like to talk to us about a successful web site for your business, please contact us.

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