What We Do

& how that can help you.

It is our job to help you to make sure your website objectives and your business objectives are aligned, and then
take your vision and make it a reality. By understanding what your business does, and how it attracts customers,
we can better ensure your website or branding project meets your goals.

Many design companies have their own vision on which they will attempt to sell you. Bauhaus Studios works for
our clients - not our egos. Should our clients need guidance we will gladly provided it, but it is always our core
objective to provide our clients with what they want how they want it as close as is technically feasible.

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Costs for building your website

"How much is a website?"

The answer is "it depends". The deciding factor is almost always how big, complex and interactive does your site need to be to achieve your business objectives. Will the content on your site remain fairly static and thus not require a backend admin? Is your content dynamic and therefore require a database? Will you be selling products through the site and therefore needing a security certificate and all the associated development? What do you need to achieve now, and what can be left until a later stage?

Every website is different, so we'll help you to understand your options and provide budgets that match your objectives. As a Custom Website deveoper, most of our development charges are based on an hourly rate of $75. However, we'll almost always be able to provide a fixed quote for a job once we know what you want us to accomplish.

"Wait...I saw a commercial that said I could have a website tonight for $15/month!"

This is absolutely true, and we offer such a service through our MyHostCaptain.com partnership. These websites are templates that allow you to quickly insert content and get up and running. For the micro-budget conscious this is an excellent alternative. If, however, you would like a website customized to your specific needs and look with the ability grow with you, a custom website is the way to go.

Costs for hosting your website

Bauhaus Studios offers website hosting and domain name registration services through our MyHostCaptain.com partnership. Our hosting servers are housed in a commercial datacenter with multiple high speed links to the internet. Monthly hosting costs vary between $10 and $40 +tax according to the size and complexity of the site. Visit MyHostCaptain.com for our complete list of services and pricing.

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