Our People

Sit. Relax. it took 10 years to write this story.

For nearly 10 years Bauhaus Studios has served our diverse clientele both local and abroad.

Founded originally in the Bauhaus spirit to bring together artisans of varying backgrounds and
specialties, Bauhaus Studios now includes an experienced team with backgrounds in graphic and
web design, development and IT, as well as radio and television production. Each team member
offers a range of specialist skills from content management systems and e-commerce systems to
identity, advertising and general print design.

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Derrell White Creative Director

Derrell founded Bauhaus Studios in 1999 originally as an outlet for his artist friends and himself to combine their diverse backgrounds, skills and interests to work on common projects. Eventually Bauhaus Studios evolved into a commercial venture, but the founding concept of diverse talents working together remains to this day.

Derrell brings to Bauhaus Studios nearly 20 years of combined experience in radio, television, graphic design and web development. Derrell is also a former Board Member of the Southeast Texas Advertising Federation and recipient of 16 of the Federation's Addy Awards.

Raven Morse Design Associate

Raven brings a sense of style and cutting-edge sensibilites to Bauhaus Studios. Raven's vast imagination is demonstrated remarkably in her illustration work, and it is these talents she brings to commercial design for Bauhaus Studios.
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