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& how that can help you.

It is our job to help you to make sure your website objectives and your business objectives are aligned, and then
take your vision and make it a reality. By understanding what your business does, and how it attracts customers,
we can better ensure your website or branding project meets your goals.

Many design companies have their own vision on which they will attempt to sell you. Bauhaus Studios works for
our clients - not our egos. Should our clients need guidance we will gladly provided it, but it is always our core
objective to provide our clients with what they want, how they want it.

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Web Design and Development

We endeavor to address a balance between 'design' and 'functionality' with web sites that look good and work effectively - download quickly, navigate easily and are search engine friendly.

A Summary of our web design process

  • Brief - For a successful website, it is important for us to have an understanding what you wish to accomplish with your website. What do you need the site to do? Is it a brochure site that will only provide information? Do you intend to sell a product or service through the site? Do you need the ability to maintain the site yourself? If you have any questions or need assistance with this please feel free to contact us.
  • Proposal and Quote - We will put together a detailed proposal and quote based on the brief you have provided.
  • Supply Content - You provide us with all the content, as per our discussions, for your website including text and images.
  • Concept - We will produce a professional and functional design layout in accordance with your brief. Your concept will be made available to you via a link online and refined as needed based on your feedback.
  • Site Build, Database Design, Programming and Testing - We build out your site hand-coded structured format using a combination of tables, style sheets and clean code.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Best Search Engine Practices will be used and your webpages optimized accordingly.
  • Site Goes 'Live' - After your final approval, registration of your domain name and activation of your hosting account, your web site is made 'live'.
Bauhaus Studios uses ColdFusion, a commercial rapid application development platform that includes advanced features for enterprise integration and development of rich Internet applications (RIA) as its development language of choice. Find out more about ColdFusion by clicking here.

Ongoing Maintenance

We offer three options for maintaining your web site

  • Maintenance by Bauhaus Studios on an as-needed basis
    We will gladly carry out all updates, changes, additions and image updates to your website on an "as needed" basis. Updates are charged at our standard hourly maintenance rates. Your website will be built in a structured format using tables, style sheets and clean code so that future changes can be completed quickly and easily.

  • Maintenance by Bauhaus Studios under a support and maintenance contract
    We will gladly carry out all updates, changes, additions and image updates to your website under a monthly agreement. This is provided for a fixed monthly fee and the work is averaged out over the year.

  • Maintenance managed independently by the Site Owner or Administrator
    If you wish to maintain all or parts of your website yourself, we can build a password-restricted online back-end admin from which you can easily update the content of your website from any computer with an Internet connection. Note that due to the added complexity, database programming and associated work-hours, this option tends to add significantly to the cost.


Bauhaus Studios is proud to offer hosting to clients and non-clients via our MyHostCaptain.com service. Very affordable and flexible hosting plans are available on Linux or Windows running ASP, .NET, PHP and our preferred language, ColdFusion. Email plans are also available, security certificates, email marketing, domain name registration and even for those who cannot afford a custom website, we have a "Website Tonight" offering. Please visit MyHostCaptain.com now to see what we can do for you.

Search-Engine Optimization or SEO

Search-Engine Optimization refers to the process of making your site as 'friendly' to search-engines as humanly possible. This starts with a good domain name and continues with well-structured text and carefully thought-out phrases, all of which are designed to make Google aware of what service or product you offer. In terms of coding, additional effort is made to use search–engine friendly tags and to give alt descriptions to images to be compliant with software for the visually impaired. Getting your website to achieve top rankings organically (on an unpaid basis) in the major search engines has become a science. Don't fall into the trap of believing any firm that will tell you they can guarantee you top positions in every search engine on an ongoing basis. Since most of the search engines change their relevancy algorithms rather frequently, it is essential to monitor your organic results and use ethical best practices to stay ahead of the game.

Email Marketing

Sending out regular email newsletters or notification to your clients and prospects can be a huge boost to customer loyalty leading to greater awareness and/or sales. However, this has to be done properly to avoid trouble. You'll need specific permission to send out e-communications from your hosting provider and it is especially important your customers need to be able to unsubscribe easily. On top of that, the content has to be fresh, interesting and relevant.


A picture may be louder than words, but video is able to do what a dozen pictures never can. This is particularly true if your business deals with accommodation, property or similar, a professionally produced video can transform the number of inquiries you receive. Bauhaus Studios can arrange video production for you and encode it to play on your site. Recently we have added "walk-on spokespersons" to our services. Click here to learn more about this service.

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