What We Do

& how that can help you.

It is our job to help you to make sure your website objectives and your business objectives are aligned, and then
take your vision and make it a reality. By understanding what your business does, and how it attracts customers,
we can better ensure your website or branding project meets your goals.

Many design companies have their own vision on which they will attempt to sell you. Bauhaus Studios works for
our clients - not our egos. Should our clients need guidance we will gladly provided it, but it is always our core
objective to provide our clients with what they want how they want it as close as is technically feasible.

With award-winning skills in graphic design and production, Bauhaus Studios can work with you to create a new identity or improve your existing branding. In addition to this, we can also design and produce your stationery (business cards, letterheads, envelopes) and promotional material (postcards, brochures, advertisements).

Our overall aim is to work with you to produce a 'look and feel' that is reflective of your business or organization and appealing to your market. We can manage your project from the initial design concepts through to delivery of the printed product.

View examples we have produced in our Branding Portfolio.

Our Graphic Design Process

  • Brief - You will need to provide us with your brief. A brief is a general concept of what you need, what you wish it to look like, what it needs to accomplish for you, colors, styles, etc. If you don't know where to start please contact us.
  • Proposal and Quote - We will put together a detailed proposal and quote.
  • Photography - If your proposal includes photography services we can make arrangements for a photo shoot. Often times photography can be easily obtained from a service like iStock.com, which Bauhaus Studios has used many times with wonderful results.
  • Concept - We will develop a design concept in accordance with your brief and then produce visuals for the items you require.
  • Visuals - Your visuals will be presented to you online and developed further, if required, based on your feedback.
  • Pre-Press Artwork - Once the desired result is achieved the pre-press artwork is produced and emailed to you as a PDF for final proofing.
  • Print Management - We will source a print quote (or quotes) from our preferred printers, or you are free to obtain quotes yourself. If your prefer to contact printers yourself, just have them contact us so that we can coordinate the proper print formats and specs to send out.

Typically we charge $75 per hour for Project Management, Graphic Design and Pre-Press artwork when done hourly. In most cases, however, we are pleased to quote by the project.

For more information please contact us.

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